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Trauma Bonds to Time


When the pain of a traumatic situation follows you for years, it is possible that you are dealing with a trauma bond to time. This teaching gives tools to diagnose and heal it.

This is a two CD set.

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This two CD album starts with an overview of the previous teachings on how to identify and release a curse on time.

Then Arthur moved into new territory with the whole concept of events and issues that are “sticky.” In any given month, we are exposed to defiling and traumatic situations. Some attach to us and some do not.


Arthur developed the theology for what makes a trauma “sticky” in the realm of time and then built out the diagnostic tools for determining whether a particular bundle of pain is likely a trauma bond to time or to something else.

Then there was a live demonstration with someone from the audience Arthur had never met. It began with a description of the current pain, some diagnostic questions to take it back to the root, and then the personal ministry to release the bond.

In between questions to the client, Arthur talked at length with the audience to explain the purpose behind the questions and the hidden meaning in what the client shared.

This resource will enable you to go far with both identifying and cleansing trauma bonds to time.

If you personally, or someone you are working with, has been through a significant amount of personal ministry for a known trauma, but are still not free, it is worth your time to explore this tool.

This is a two CD set.