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When Your Call is Blocked


The devil has been blocking people’s calls for all of human history. Therefore, we have a lot of information about how he does it. This will show you how to hack his strategy book.

This is a five CD set.

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Almost all of Scripture is about blocked calls. Adam was blocked because he had no wife. Abraham was blocked because he had no son. Joseph was blocked because his family did not believe in his calling. Saul was blocked because he did not know how to start a new kingdom. Hosea was blocked because his wife could not receive the love he lavished on her.

And God was blocked because His covenant people utterly warped the spirit and the letter of the game plan He created for them.

But for every blockage, there was a solution.

This album presents five different areas which the enemy leverages to block us. In almost every case, his power comes through his stealth approach, and once you have seen what he is doing, it is easy to dislodge the problem and get traction again.

All through the album are warfare prayers for release from different facets of the problem.

This is a five CD set.